Aging Therapeutics as Preventative Medicine (Why Solve Aging: Part 4)

“It comes as the result of a genuine understanding of disease mechanisms, and when it becomes available, it is relatively inexpensive, relatively simple, and relatively easy to deliver...Offhand, I cannot think of any important human disease where medicine possesses the capacity to prevent or cure outright where the cost of the technology is itself a major problem.”

Why Technological Solutions? (Why Solve Aging: Part 1)

Why might you want to look for technological or scientific solutions, specifically?  Because those are the easy ones to implement.  Political solutions are hard.  Coordinating lots of people to cooperate on a problem is important work, but it’s usually very slow and very collaborative.  If you’re lucky and clever, you won’t have to do that; a new innovation, developed by a small group, can very quickly make a substantial dent in the problem.