Unity Biotechnology R&D day: comprehensive coverage (pt. 1)
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On Dec. 11, Unity Biotechnology held its inaugural R&D day — a special presentation to investors and analysts that aimed to highlight the company’s recent progress and ongoing pre-clinical and clinical trials. In addition to presentations from Unity scientists, the event included an extensive introduction to the field of cellular senescence by two of its pioneer researchers, Judy Campisi and Jan van Deursen (who happen to be co-founders of the company).

“The creation of senolytic medicines is a new scientific endeavor in biotech,” began company president Ned David, setting the stage for an explanation of the event’s mission. “Over the last few years, when we described our scientific efforts at Unity for the first time to investors or to other newcomers to the field, we were told, hey, it would be really great if there were some way that we could learn where this whole scientific field came from. What were the intellectual underpinnings that gave rise to it?

“And so in an effort to be responsive, we felt that it made sense to provide a ‘deep background’ as to how this field of science came to be.”

Unity Biotechnology, founded in 2011, occupies an important position in the business of longevity science because it is the first pharmaceutical company to begin a clinical trial of a senolytic medication—a drug that acts by eliminating senescent cells from the body.

Accordingly, Hourglass will cover the event in detail, summarizing the key points of each part of the presentation. This index provides easy access to the contributions of individual presenters (links will go live as soon as each article is completed):

  1. Judy Campisi: Cellular Senescence: from Basic Biology to Physiology

  2. Jan van Deursen: Link between Senescence, Aging, and Diseases of Aging

  3. Ned David: Therapeutic Approaches to Aging

  4. Dan Marquess, CSO: Unity’s Edge in Developing Senolytics